Chunky Knit Sweaters

Chunky Knit Sweaters

A chunky knit sweater or at least a sweater is an absolute must in 2020, every girl should have one in her wardrobe. How do you choose the right basic knitted sweater for the moment and how do you style it properly to look very contemporary?

To begin with, give preference to a single-color piece, there should be no bright prints, patterns and all the colors of the rainbow. An oversized chunky knit sweater is the best option – it shouldn’t fit, but if you still want to highlight your curves, try a cropped sweater.

Second, a chunky knitted sweater will be beautiful with many looks, most often with jeans and skirts. If you want to tuck your sweater inside, choose your pants and skirts carefully – they should be thicker and heavier than the sweater, or just not tuck it away. There are no such problems with jeans so you can easily wear them together. Get inspired!

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