Chic Short Nail Designs

Do you think short nails are not suitable for cool nail designs? Or that it is impossible to create anything bold and eye-catching on short nails? Many people think that light colors are not for short nails because they make them look shorter, but they are wrong! It is quite possible to rock short nails and choose bright colors, and today I will prove it.

Bare nails

Nude is perfect for any nail design, for work and leisure situations. Different shades of pink, gray, even white or ivory are suitable for every situation and season. Try matte surfaces, they look especially cool in gray, it’s very autumnal.

Glitter nails

Glitter is a great way to spice up any manicure, and short nails look amazing with glitter. Gold, rose gold, silver can cover any nail color perfectly. Choose a nude manicure with cool glitter accents, glitter can be anywhere, it can be an accent nail, it can be glitter, just on the edge or on the nail bed of your nail. You can also try glitter polishes in your favorite colors and shine brightly!

Brave manicure

Bold manicures look amazing on short nails! Try red, black, blue, gray, use rhinestones and sequins, make your nails super eye-catching and original! Don’t think that hot colors will make your nails look even shorter, it’s a myth. Short nails are comfortable and practical, they will look amazing.

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