Checked shirts

Elegant or casual checked shirts are primarily tailored to men. Usually very colorful, the checked shirts are commercially available in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles, and are made of cotton or fine linen, for example.

Plaid shirt category classification

Plaid shirts are often colloquially referred to as “wooden shirts”. This is probably due to the fact that craftsmen (as well as forest workers) obviously like this a lot. In fact, there is at least one plaid shirt in almost every male wardrobe – regardless of the professional orientation of the wearer.

Different versions

There are checked shirts in summer light quality with short sleeves and a fluffy flannel finish with long sleeves – but they all have one thing in common: the woven check pattern. Since a check is called an equilateral right-angled parallelogram, there are various geometric formulas for its construction. However, it is questionable whether these formulas are integrated into the design and production process

Checked shirts can be found in casual wear combined with jeans and in business wardrobes. The decisive differences lie in the choice of the material used on the one hand and in the design of the pattern on the other.

materials and colors

Casual shirts are usually made from heavier, more robust fabrics such as wool or linen and come in striking, contrasting color combinations. Red and blue, but also black and white patterns are increasing.

Business model shirts made of fine, non-iron cotton or even silk look much more elegant. The choice of color is much more subtle, light pastel colors like blue, cream or gray being favorites.

The tests only appear inconspicuous in the basic tone of similar colors or delicate contrasting tones, but are then only carried out in very narrow lines. The checks themselves are much smaller than the casual shirts. If “he” wears plaid shirts, ties should only be one color so as not to completely confuse the viewer’s eyes.

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