Checked Maxi Skirts Outfits

A maxi skirt is a perfect addition to summer and autumn outfits. So you should at least get yourself a maxi skirt and try to create a stylish look for these seasons. We have already told you about dotted skirts, and today I would like to share with you a printed – plaid skirt. Depending on your wishes and your favorite style, you can choose between plaid, gingham or tartan and of course decide which color combinations it should have. Don’t just focus on the classic black and white gingham skirt, always try something bold and bold. For example, choose white and emerald or white and cobalt blue. Now let’s scroll down and look at all of the ideas we’ve gathered.

Outfits with flat and platform shoes

If you like how fashionistas create relaxed boho-style outfits with plaid maxi skirts, you can take a white and light blue plaid high-waisted maxi skirt and combine it with an off-the-shoulder white blouse, a small shoulder bag made of brown suede. a necklace and flat sandals. Or you can choose a white button-down shirt and combine it with a brown wide-brimmed hat, a brown leather belt, a leather clutch and lace-up sandals. If you’re looking for casual look ideas, repeat an outfit with a labeled t-shirt, gingham maxi skirt, sunglasses, small straw cover, and platform sandals.

Outfits with high heels

If you want to wear an elegant, chic and casual outfit at the same time, you can combine a denim shirt with a plaid A-line maxi skirt, a pale pink small bag, white-framed sunglasses and high heels. Or you can combine a gray sleeveless shirt with a black hat, a plaid skirt and beige ankle boots. For autumn days, you can boldly transform tops and airy blouses into classic turtlenecks or sweatshirts.

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