Checked Culottes Outfits

If you’re fed up with classic pants, this season culottes are for you! All you need to know about them is that culottes are shorts but look like skirts. Yes, that’s a very simple explanation, but it’s true. Today I want to share with you some stylish outfits with plaid culottes and I should mention that they look very eye-catching, fashionable and fresh. You can combine them with monophonic shirts and blazers without any decor elements, or you can be more creative and make combinations with printed blouses or add accessories such as printed scarves, statement necklaces or belts. Now you can look below and get inspired!

Outfits with flat and low heels

If you love simplicity, then try pairing a Marsala shirt with long sleeves, white and black plaid culottes, black leather low-heeled shoes and a classic black leather bag. Or you can combine a gray, loose shirt with a black long blazer, culottes and black flat leather shoes. For warmer days, choose a white top and combine it with a white long waistcoat, gray and white belted culottes, gold flats and a black chain bag. Or you can combine a black top with yellow and black pants, lace up flat sandals and a mini bag.

Outfits with high heels

If you’re looking for ideas for cocktail parties or event outfits, pair a dark blue blouse with a large bow, gingham culottes, printed pumps and a mini bag with a silver chain strap. To create casual outfits, you can take a brightly colored sleeveless blouse (for example a yellow one) and combine it with culottes and beige sandals. Or to replicate an outfit with a black top, high waisted pants, black lace-up shoes, a red leather backpack and a red headscarf.

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