Business Outfits Women Over 50

Business casual is a must for modern women who work, but how can you do it in style? We’ve put together some interesting ideas that are chic for any work day. Let us begin!

Looks with clothes / pants

Styling a dress for a casual business look is easy: add a comfy blazer or cardigan, heels or flats and grab a comfortable bag and voila! If you have a jumpsuit it’s a great piece of clothing for work: add a long waistcoat or blazer, heels and a statement necklace, and a bag. The pants can be worn with different tops, vests and jackets as well as heels. Voila!

Looks with jeans

Jeans are the number one piece of clothing for the business casual style, and they are extremely comfortable and cool to wear. Put on skinnies or straight jeans in navy, blue, gray or white and add a t-shirt or top, plus a blazer, trench coat and cardigan. When it comes to shoes, think of flats, kitten heels, sneakers or ankle boots. Don’t forget to embellish your look to make it bolder and catchier.

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