Burgundy skater dress outfit ideas

Burgundy is such a deep and beautiful color that it will make your outfit look elegant. When this beautiful color is used in a supposedly cute skater dress, the result is an absolutely beautiful burgundy skater dress. It would be the perfect dress for dating, girls’ night out and cocktail parties. To show you some ideas on how to style it, I’ve rounded up some of the best burgundy skater dress outfit ideas. Now let me show you the interesting list.

Burgundy skater dress with light pink heels

Burgundy skater dress pale pink heels

To start the list, I’ll show you this classic and timeless outfit. Just wear a burgundy sleeveless skater dress with light pink ankle straps and open toe heels. Minimalist and beautiful, this outfit is an outfit that would look trendy if you wore it twenty years ago.

Burgundy Floral Lace Skater Dress with Ankle Boots

Burgundy floral lace up skater dress ankle boots

If you’re looking for a slightly more detailed outfit, consider wearing this burgundy long sleeve skater dress. Combine the dress with stockings and black ankle boots to look more feminine.

Burgundy skater dress with pink felt hat

Burgundy skater dress pink felt hat

This outfit shows a creative and adorable way to style a burgundy skater dress. Wear it with a pink felt hat, patterned stockings and burgundy leather boots to complete the outfit in an artistic and beautiful way.

Burgundy cut out skater dress

burgundy skater dress

If you are looking for a way to look sexy and demure, this cut out dress is a great choice. It’s a burgundy skater dress with striped cutouts just below the collar and just above the hem. Wear black leather ankle boots with a dress and the outfit is perfect for dating and dining out.

Off The Shoulder Burgundy Fit and Flare Mini Dress

Off the shoulder flared fit burgundy mini dress

Up to this point, I’ve mentioned outfits that you can wear casually for dating and hangouts. Let us mention one that is classier and very suitable for a cocktail party. The outfit consists of a strapless burgundy skater dress. The dress has a subtle high cut. Wear it with bare open toe heels and a statement necklace.

Belted skater dress with pink heels

Belt skater dress pink heels

If you want to make a burgundy skater dress look more formal, wear a skinny belt to make the waist more visible. In this case, a gold narrow belt is used to make the dress look more elegant. Wear pink heels to complete the look.

Burgundy three-quarter sleeve velvet mini dress

burgundy mini dress with three quarter sleeves

If you think that even the color burgundy isn’t deep enough for you, consider wearing a burgundy velvet skater dress. The velvet definitely adds another dimension of depth to your outfit. As an example of such an outfit, wear a burgundy velvet skater dress with three-quarter sleeves. A black clutch and black ankle boots are a nice complement to this outfit.

Red strapless skater dress with a black collar

red strapless skater dress black choker

Okay, I cheated a bit here. It’s not exactly a burgundy skater dress, it’s a red one. I want to bring this outfit here because I want to show you how awesome a skater dress with a black choker can look. It works for a red strapless skater dress. It would work even better for a burgundy. You can wear the dress and choker with black ankle strap ankle heels. By the way: You can find more outfit ideas for similar shoes in our blog post on styling black heels with ankle straps.

Burgundy lace mini dress with strappy heel

Burgundy Lace Mini Dress strappy heels

Here is an example to show you how the shoes can create a different world for your entire outfit. To style this burgundy lace mini dress in a minimal way and with a touch of boho style, simply wear it with light pink gladiator heels. The outfit would have looked very nice if the dress was paired with ordinary pink heels, but now this outfit has so much more character.

Burgundy halter fit and flare dress

Burgundy halter fit and flare dress

Check out this burgundy halterneck skater dress and you will find that the halterneck design and the skater dress are a perfect match. Wear a pair of pink open toe heels to complete this look.

Wear yours with a black fedora and ankle boots

black fedora ankle boots

I have already shown some minimal outfits that only concern the skater dress and shoes. Minimalism is good, but it’s also good and fun to put more pieces together flawlessly. For an example of a more creative way to style the burgundy skater dress, wear it with a black fedora, stockings and black leather ankle boots.

Deep V-neck burgundy dress with pink clutch

Deep V-neck burgundy dress, pink clutch

Now let’s look at what kind of wallet would look good with a burgundy dress. Wear this deep V-neck burgundy dress and a classy pink clutch for a totally elegant look. Wear pink heels that are the exact same color as the clutch to make the outfit look more unified.

Burgundy dress with black leather jacket

Burgundy dress black leather jacket

Whenever I was asked what jacket I should wear with this dress, my answer was 90 percent the black leather jacket. This picture shows how stylish you would look in the black leather jacket with a burgundy skater dress and black sneakers. I would recommend wearing black leather ankle boots instead to look even better.

Burgundy lace dress with belt and black faux fur jacket

Burgundy lace dress with belt and black faux fur jacket

This outfit is a great example of how to use layers to look amazing. Wear a burgundy lace dress with a belt, patterned stockings and black ballet flats. Throw a black faux fur jacket over your shoulder for this super chic look.

Wear yours with a denim jacket and white sneakers

Denim jacket white sneakers outfit

I always love the burgundy and light blue color combo as I find it looks very cozy and casual. This combination looks perfect when applied to the specific outfit. The outfit consists of a burgundy skater dress, a light blue denim jacket and white sneakers.

There is the list of some gorgeous burgundy skater dress outfit ideas that I have compiled for you. If you enjoy reading it and think it can up your fashion game, there are thousands of other outfit ideas to try right here on this site.

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