Brown leather jacket outfits for women

There is a good chance that most of you reading this blog post already have a black leather jacket in your closet. Like many others, the iconic black leather jacket is one of my favorite pieces. But if you only wear the black ones and not also the brown ones, you’re just missing out on a lot. The brown leather jacket is almost as stylish as the black one. It’s just the brown that creates a different feel than the cool and dark feel that the black offers. To show you more about how to style it, I have rounded up some of the best brown leather jacket outfit ideas for women. Let’s look at them now.

Brown leather jacket with a black and white striped t-shirt

brown leather jacket black and white striped t-shirt

I’ll start the exciting list with a stylish and casual one that you can only achieve with a brown leather jacket, but not a black one. For the top, wear the brown jacket with a black and white striped t-shirt. Pair them with ripped blue skinny jeans and black ballet flats for a feminine touch.

Brown leather jacket with all black outfits

brown leather jacket all black outfits

You can definitely still build a cool look around a brown leather jacket. Pair a brown leather jacket with a black crew-neck sweater for the top. Wear black skinny jeans with black ballet flats to complete your stylish outfit.

Matte brown leather jacket with a striped t-shirt and black jeans

matte brown leather jacket striped t-shirt black jeans

Not all leather jackets are shiny. In fact, some of the best looking ones are semi-gloss or even matte. Here is a stylish and beautiful matte brown leather jacket paired with a black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt. Wear black ripped skinny jeans and black leather mid-calf boots covering the buttocks to make the outfit look super stylish.

Brown leather jacket with white crocheted mini dress

brown leather jacket white crocheted mini skirt

So far, we’ve only seen outfits that include jeans and trousers. Here is a feminine looking outfit with a white crochet mini dress. You can easily style it by wearing a brown leather jacket over your shirt. Wear black leather ankle boots with your shoes to complete your outfit in a stylish way.

Wear yours with a white V-neck sweater and gray jeans

V-neck white jeans, gray jeans

If your workplace allows you to wear jeans at least on Fridays, here is a chic casual outfit that you should definitely try. For the top, wear a white v-neck sweater and a brown leather jacket. Wear gray skinny jeans and nude heels with open toe straps covering the buttocks. Carry a brown handbag that goes perfectly with the brown jacket.

Wear it with a striped shirt and a checked scarf

Striped check t-shirt scarf

A plaid scarf often makes you look more adorable and even more approachable. Here, the black and white striped t-shirt and brown leather jacket are paired with a crepe and gray linen check scarf. You can simply pair the pieces with blue skinny jeans and brown leather knee high boots to complete this chic, layered outfit.

Brown leather jacket with green sweater dress

brown leather jacket green sweater dress

This is a cozy, layered look that pulls off very easily. For the top, wear a brown leather jacket with a green sweater dress. Pair the sweater dress with black skinny jeans for stylish layering. Complete your outfit with a pair of brown suede boots for a classy touch.

Wear it with a white V-neck t-shirt and blue skinny jeans

V-neck white skinny jeans, blue skinny jeans

This outfit is a great demonstration of how a brown leather jacket can turn a very typical outfit into a very interesting and stylish one. Imagine this outfit without the leather jacket, it’s basically a white t-shirt and blue jeans outfit. Now, if you throw a brown leather jacket into the mix, it becomes a lot more stylish. Of course, the brown suede ankle boots with open toes also help.

Short brown leather jacket with black mini skirt

short brown leather jacket black mini ratter high skirt

For a street outfit that looks both stylish and pretty, you can wear a brown leather cropped jacket with a gray t-shirt as a top. Pair them with a black mini ratter skirt and nude platform sandals to create an outfit that’s perfect for dating and meeting friends.

Wear yours with a white tee and skinny jeans

white t-shirt skinny jeans

For a more sophisticated and beautiful winter or fall look, you can wear a white t-shirt with a brown leather jacket as a top. Pair them with blue washed skinny jeans and black ankle boots. To take the outfit to the next level, some accessories like the gray knit hat and green linen scarf would help a lot.

Brown jacket with white linen shirt and black jeans

brown jacket white linen shirt black jeans

It’s no surprise that a brown leather jacket goes really well with a white button down shirt and black pants. But this time, replacing the regular shirt with a linen shirt adds an extra toughness and airiness to the outfit. For the shoes, I would recommend wearing the black suede ankle boots.

Wear yours with a black and white striped tee and blue skinny jeans

black and white striped t-shirt blue skinny jeans

All you need are a few simple pieces for a super casual and chic look. Wear a black and white striped t-shirt with a brown leather jacket and blue skinny jeans. Wear white sneakers to keep the outfit casual and classy. If you want to look smarter, pull the brown leather jacket over your shoulders instead of actually wearing it.

Wear with White Long Button Up Shirt & Boots

white long shirt boots with buttons

Here’s an outfit that’s easy to pull off since you don’t have to wear a bodycon top. Wear a white oversized button down shirt and a brown leather jacket instead. When it comes to shoes, add black skinny jeans and gray suede knee high boots.

Yellowish-brown leather jacket with gray t-shirt and jeans

yellowish brown leather jacket gray t-jeans

For a more striking look, choose a yellowish brown leather jacket instead. A yellowish jacket, gray t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots make for a casual yet attention-grabbing look.

Here are the brown leather jacket outfit ideas that I want to share with you. If you’re in love with your black leather jacket, there’s a good chance you’ll love the brown one too.

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