Bronde Hair Ideas

Balayage is the most common requirement in hair salons, and it’s not surprising since it’s very natural and requires little maintenance. There are many ideas and ways to use this technique, many shades, and Bronde is one of them.

Bronde allows you to combine both dark and light hair tones in one and look fabulous. This popular hair color trend is available in a variety of dimensions and color combinations. Best of all, it’s low maintenance, looks natural, and is extremely flattering. With a dark brown base color, honey and platinum blonde highlights can be overlaid for a bright and bold look, and conversely, blondes can add some darker hues for a more sophisticated blend.

Brunette with blonde highlights

Brunettes use the balayage technique very often to freshen up their look and it is very easy to do and go for low maintenance if the hair color is not visited very often. Your natural brunette hair color can be used as the main color, and then caramel, honey, or even blonde highlights can be added. The number of shades and their appearance is up to you and your natural hair color. It will definitely freshen up the look and make you brighter.

Blondes with darker highlights

Blondes can also achieve this trendy bronde look with darker highlights or lowlights. The base will be her natural blonde or maybe any other light shade that you want. Such a balayage look creates texture and dimension – exactly what you need for your hair.

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