Bright Red Hair Ideas

It’s almost winter and the colors are pale all around. We sense a lack of colors and bold hues. So why not spice up your hair color a little? Red hair is a bold statement that will lift your spirits and grab the attention of every person who will see you! Let’s look at some examples.

Red locks

Red curls look amazing with any haircut and length! An elf, a long bob, long curls, bangs, any type of hairstyle will sparkle in a bright red. There are a variety of shades, from fiery red to darker cherry tones, so you’re sure to find the perfect one. Remember that such a bold color will require frequent visits to your hair color artist because roots of a different color are easily visible in a very short time.

Red hair highlights

Red hair doesn’t require a lot of highlighting as it is bold and light by itself. However, if you want something even more eye-catching, there are several options. Try darker roots, dim lights, and red hair first as it adds volume and a textured look. Opt for balayage and ombre from black to red or from red to bright red and shades of pink.

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