Bra Crop Top Outfits

This year the crop tops have gone further than ever – they’re tailored to fit a bra shape! Bra crop tops are worn by every fashionista and every IT girl. When you feel like you’re ready to check out the trend, it’s high time you got one!

Your bra crop top should of course not be a real bra, no lace and other fine details are accepted, it should be simple and more like a sporty top. Don’t go strapless and avoid details. You choose a very neutral bra top because it’s already sexy and you don’t need it excessively.

Wear your bra top with a chic oversized suit – a light shade of shorts or a skirt with sneakers that look stunning. Remember to wear your bra crop top with joggers, jeans and sneakers – this will look perfect every day. Remember to rock a denim skirt with a crop top like this and maybe heels and you will be on top!

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