Bold Hair Colors And Ideas

We are all used to natural blonde, brown and red hair, balayage and ombre, but what if you want something different? Do you feel a little rocky? Do you want something original? Here we go with the most popular hair color ideas and look for girls and they will really make you stand out!

Gray or silver hair

Gray hair is the hottest hair trend right now. Any girl who is not afraid of amazement and is ready to boldly highlight, chooses shades of gray or silver. This color looks best with fair complexions and eyes or dark ones. If you have medium skin tone and dark eyes, there are two hottest hair trends you can try to rock at the same time: gray hair and ombre or balayage. Black to gray long hair goes perfectly with almost any appearance, and many celebrities have tried it already.

Blue hair

Blue hair is another popular idea, and there are many shades to choose from. Girls rock navy, deep blue, bold blue, turquoise and pastel blue and of course navy to pastel or turquoise ombre hair are extremely popular. It’s a fantastic way to feel a mermaid, and it’s a cool beach vacation idea.

Pink hair

That is a soft pastel shade that looks very girlish and very different. Dare to rock gum-pink hair or keep it softer with just pink highlights on your natural hair. Another idea is ombre or balayage pink hair, or blonde hair with pastel pink highlights. Get inspired!

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