Boiler Suit Summer Outfits

Boiler suits are so named because they were first worn by men who service coal boilers. In order to check for steam leaks or to remove accumulated soot from the combustion chamber of a steam locomotive, someone had to climb into the fire hole. Today a kettle suit is one of the hottest trends out there right now, and it just seems to be getting higher and higher. If you’re not sure how to wear this somewhat weird piece of clothing, here are some ideas!

You can choose any color you like – black, beige, brown, camel, green, white, creamy white – these are traditional colors for such clothing, although you may find some colorful items too.

Style your kettle suit with heels – this is the best idea for creating a contrasting look. To add a trendy feel, go for mules. Another way is to wear sneakers or sneakers for a more casual feeling. Highlight your waistline with a belt or sash and add a little bag and voila!

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