body jewellery

body jewellery

Everyone wants to change sometimes. There you can achieve a lot with body jewelry. Whether silver or gold jewelry, piercings or permanent decoration with tattoos – body jewelry is very popular worldwide and is often adapted to current ideals and trends in beauty.

Classification of the body jewelry category

Body jewelry comes in a variety of designs and should always be used to enhance your own body. Especially in recent years, body jewelry has gained popularity, especially among young people and hence it is commonly seen nowadays.

types of body jewelry


One type of body jewelry is piercing, which involves attaching jewelry to human skin. Since this can be done on different parts of the body, a distinction is made among other things

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for body jewelry.


Besides piercings, tattoos also play an important role in beautifying the body. These images, which are streaked with dye into the first layer of skin, can be of different sizes and are worn on all imaginable parts of the body.

However, there are also non-permanent tattoos that only last a few days. When choosing the place and the motive, as with piercings, the prevailing ideal of beauty and the current trend are always of decisive importance.

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