Body Chain Jewelry Ideas

Girl, I’m in a hurry to share another super hot 2017 beach trend with you! With gypsy and boho styles now at the forefront, everything related to it is super fashionable too, and body jewelry for beach looks is a beautiful trend. Don’t settle for boring beach clothes. Amp up your swimwear game here and there with great chains that will accentuate your tanned body, highlight the curves, and add a cool, free spirited vibe. Let’s look at some ideas.

Body chain

Body chains are this summer’s hottest beach trend, and nothing will highlight your stunning body better than this accessory. It can be quite thick with agate disc pendants or coins, or delicate and very thin with sparkling pearls, and multi-layered necklaces without pendants are fantastic too.

Belly chain

Emphasize your perfect abs with a gorgeous belly chain that is much more subtle than a full body chain. Such a small, but very sexy accessory is loved by many celebrities, for example, Lupita Nyong’o. Choose a necklace with tiny sparkling pearls to get more attention.

Leg chain

Leg chains emphasize your hips or ankles as best as possible. Such chains can be two-layered or multi-layered, with coins, pearls or agate pendants, and the color can be silver, copper or gold, depending on what effect you want. Silver or white gold are best for highlighting a tanned body. Gold and copper give your look a special shine.

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