Bob Haircut Ideas With Bangs

Bob hairstyles are the most popular right now and all types of hairstyles are trending. Short and long bobs, angled and straight, shaggy and messy – the options are endless. Now it’s time to take a look at how to wear a bob with bangs, and here are some cool ideas.

Long bobs

Long bobs look great with all types of bangs, but more often you’ll see them styled with classic or side bangs. You can opt for an angled bob with some bangs, a long classic bob with side bangs for a touch of femininity, or a trendy shaggy lob with layers to give it a crazier look with messy waves.

Short bobs

Short bobs are also beautiful with all types of bangs, but here you see an option with Bettie bangs too. Sleek short bobs go well with side and betty bangs to add a touch of edge to your look. The trendiest option, of course, is a shaggy and layered short bob with bangs – the more texture and dimension your hair has, the cooler it is!

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