Boat Neck Dress Outfits

Boat Neck Dress Outfits

According to Wikipedia, a boat neck is also known as a bateau neck or a sabrina neckline. It is a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulders and across the collarbone. It is traditionally used in nautical inspired knitwear but is also used in more elegant cocktail boat neck dresses and evening dresses.
The way of wearing this type of neckline derives from sailor blouses or sweaters, often with broad, dark blue and white horizontal stripes. The wide, smooth neck came in handy when a sailor was about to fall overboard quickly.

Today we will see how this neckline finds its way into fashion. The boat neck dress and sweater are among the most popular staples with this type of neckline. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to see how you can style this dress as a casual or dress staple.
Scroll down to see what I have prepared for you.

White summer dress

Boat neck dress white Olivia
Just like Olivia Palermo, you can walk the streets of your city with a dog or alone in this beautiful boat-neck white dress.
She manages to style this beautiful white piece with strappy sandals, just a few accessories and looks absolutely amazing. You can recreate this look very easily. Put a belt around your waist, choose interesting heeled sandals and let’s go!

Dark blue maxi dress

Boat Neck Dress Navy Blue
Every girl needs a casual maxi dress in her closet. It will be your savior on many different occasions when you don’t really feel like dressing up.
With just a few details, this dress can become a beautiful, flattering dress. Add a gold necklace and a couple of rings and you get a whole new look.
When it comes to shoes, you can choose both flats and heels. Choose your show attire based on the events planned.

Dress with an open back

Boat with open back and bateau neckline
I love dresses that have an interesting cut. They are always your ace in the hole when you need a wonderful and exciting outfit.
The front is very classic; The straight cut is always a good idea. You can wear this outfit for many different occasions. The black color is very versatile and can be paired with white pointy toe stilettos.
This outfit is a great option for late night dinners or cocktails at a fancy city restaurant.

Embroidered, transparent dress with a boat neckline

Embroidered dress with boat neckline
Embroidery has won the hearts of many girls (count me there). It appeared on skirts, jeans, jackets and dresses. Almost everywhere! It was also a big part of the accessories – bags, shoes and hats.
However, this dress is a mix of different materials and prints. As you can see, there are polka dot patterns along with white embroidered flowers. In addition, the top is made of pure material, which is very modern.
You can style this dress for different occasions. However, keep it only for elegant and formal events.

Polka dot dress

Boat dress with a boat neckline
Having mentioned the polka dot pattern, let’s look at a pretty dress made entirely of this print.
If you didn’t know, this print comes back through the big door. Now it’s time to buy a dress with a bateau neckline and this beautiful retro print.
You can pair it with dark blue flats or opt for high-heeled sandals.

Emerald dress

Boat neck dress, emerald green
If you don’t care about prints, don’t worry. I have something very challenging for you.
This beautiful silk dress is ideal for many occasions. One thing is certain; You will feel very comfortable in it. This model is great for working hours. It looks very glamorous even though it is very simple.
Pair this dress with high-heeled strappy sandals.

White Stripes

white stripes with boat neckline
This is a perfect white sundress. It can be your best friend in many situations when you want to look nice but effortless.
This dress is beautiful and very flattering. The sleeves have nice tie details that look very chic and interesting. You can style this dress for everyday wear or combine it with elegant details for elegant events.

Ladylike Black Boat Neck Dress

Black submarine dress
The boat neck was originally in elegant and retro dresses. Then it found its way into modern shirts and dresses. Olivia Palermo loves this retro style. She wears this gorgeous black boat neck dress paired with simple yet elegant stiletto heels.
You can wear this dress for elegant occasions like wedding, birthday or Christmas dinner.

Sweater dress (bodycon)

Knit dress with a boat neckline
Is there anything more beautiful than a form-fitting sweater dress on cold winter days? No, if you ask for my opinion. I have a friend who is a big fan of clothes in general, so she wore them on those cold winter days too. This can be a good choice for them.
This beautiful boat neck dress is striped and knitted. It’s very warm and flattering. You can pair it with over the knee boots or ankle boots. When spring comes, you can also wear it with flats.

Blue striped summer dress

Blue striped submarine dress
If you are looking for the perfect maxi dress to wear to the beach, this is the great one.
This beautiful baby blue striped dress is ideal for your seaside vacation. You can style it with strappy sandals and a straw or mesh bag for a super trendy summer look.

Colorful dress with a bateau neckline

Colorful boat neck dress
I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of colors. However, it’s not always easy to find something big enough like this dress. A beautiful mix of colors and a comfortable boat neckline are two of the strongest features that describe this dress.
You can wear it as an everyday dress or style it for elegant occasions.

Red boat neck dress

Boat neck dress red noble
This sleek and elegant dress is ideal for work wear. It has short sleeves and midi length. It’s very sophisticated and glamorous. You can pair it with pointed patent leather heels and add a tote bag or crossbody bag.

I hope you enjoyed reading this style guide. Be sure to read all the other outfit posts we have prepared for you.

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