Block heel ankle boots for women

Block heel ankle boots are one Subcategory short start and are characterized by their special type of heel, the so-called block heel. Meanwhile, in the fashion world, this way of selling is called “Stacked Heels” or “Chunky Heel” Along with the stiletto heel, wedge heel, cone heel, and platform heel, it is one of the most common types of heels in the modern world of footwear. The block heel is a good solution between platform heels and stilettos and is mainly found in women’s shoes.

Block heel – full control thanks to the square heel

The block heel is one of the most common types of heelsThis has been in fashion for a while and is definitely one of the classics. The block heel can be used in a variety of shoe types, which can be used for different occasions, e.g. B.: B. Pumps, boots and ankle boots. Also at dancing shoes The block heel alongside the Kuba heel is very popular as it gives dancers the stability they need but also makes a great leg. Therefore, it is particularly popular for beginner shoes in dance. The block heel is a wide, relatively angular and massive heel that varies in height and can extend over almost the entire heel area. Not to be confused with block sales and sales in Cuba. At first glance, this is similar to the block heel, but is usually lower and slightly wider. Due to the wide contact area, the body weight is very well distributed, so the block heel is one of the most comfortable types of heels, along with the wedge heel, and still looks elegant.

in which Combination with a plateau The block heel is brought to a high heel height and visually stretches the leg without putting too much strain on the foot.

The block heel now meets you in every shoe store and online shop and has also made it onto the catwalks of the very big designers. Well-known company sizes like Miu Miu, Rochas, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Sui or Chloé New versions of the classic and also shoe fashion from the medium and low price segment have increasingly led to block sales in their collections.

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