Black baby doll dress

Baby doll dress from the 60’s. They first rose to fame in 1956 when actress Carroll Baker wore them in the movie Baby Doll, which is how they got their name.

From that point on, the baby doll dress changed roles a few times. From an exclusive nightgown, it has become a sexy staple worn by many girls. Madonna wore them for her performances, as did Courtney Love. The black baby doll dress is something you can see the most on the It Girl team.

The black baby doll dress is a classic yet trendy piece of clothing. It can be your best friend on many different occasions. It is very versatile so you can wear it for both dressy and casual occasions.

In this post, we will see together how to wear the black baby doll dress and look comfortable. If you are still thinking about what kind of dress this is, join me in this post and everything will be clear to you.

Black baby doll dress with sandals

black baby doll dress sandals
This off the shoulder dress is perfect for summer days. It’s loose and very short. That’s why you should wear it with flat shoes. If you wear it with heels you risk looking over the line.
This look can be completed with a black shoulder bag and strappy sandals with metal details.

Black baby doll dress with cardigan

black baby doll dress sweater
When the weather changes, which is common in spring and autumn days, you can combine the baby doll dress with warm knitwear. Wear your black dress with a long soft brown cardigan and a fedora for a chic look. You can think about pairing this outfit with the ankle boots or above the knee.

Elegant black baby doll dress

black baby doll dress elegant
If you thought you could only wear a black baby doll dress for casual activities, you are not quite right. It is more than possible and appropriate to wear this dress for both elegant and formal occasions.
You can style it with high heels or stilettos and add a bit of massive jewelry like earrings or a charming necklace.

All Black

black baby doll dress all black
If you are a fan of black color and monochromatic outfits, you should know that black baby doll dress is perfect for everyday events. You can wear it with a black hat, boots and a large bag for the ultimate look I don’t like. Although it looks a bit chunky, it makes you feel comfortable and very chic.

Black cold shoulder baby doll dress

black baby doll dress cold shoulder
Clothing with cold shoulders looks perfectly sexy and stylish. Even the most casual of dresses look fabulous with a cold shoulder neckline. The black baby doll dress is perfect for formal occasions where you need to wear something special but don’t want to look overdressed. Pair it with black heeled sandals and colorful jewellery.

Black chiffon baby doll dress

black chiffon baby doll dress
The lightweight material and excellent cut of the black baby doll dress bring you a high level of comfort. This dress can be your new favorite dress. You can wear it while doing your daily chores: market, vegetable and fruit shops. Wear the black doll dress with flats, mules or ankle boots. Pair it with a navy striped sandal bag.

Crochet Rub baby doll dress

crochet black baby doll dress
The black crochet massage baby doll dress is beautiful and bohemian in appearance. If you plan to wear it, make sure you have some boho jewelry chains and some rings with you.
When it comes to shoes, you can wear cool biker boots or funky sandals, depending on the weather.

Classic is always the best option

black baby doll dress classy
As the headline says, if you don’t know how to wear it, team it up the classic old-fashioned way. No details, no layers. Don’t put on your black baby doll dress, pair it with olive green lace-up sandals and you’re ready to go, dear! Extra jewelry is never a bad idea. Put on a minimalist necklace and you’re done.

Bohemian black baby doll dress

black baby doll dress bohemian
As festival season approaches, you’re wondering what kind of dress to wear. What’s good enough to make you feel comfortable and boho at the same time? I tell you: the black baby doll dress.
Wear it with a chic fedora hat, wavy hair and gorgeous boho jewelry. Wear colorful Hunter boots for the shoes.

Printed black baby doll dress

black baby doll dress party
The attractive black baby doll dress is perfect for holiday parties, lunches and dinners.
You can style it with black ankle boots, leather jacket or long coat. It’s simple, but with the right details, it can look exquisite.

Simple black baby doll dress

black baby doll dress simple
This dress is ideal for everyday wear. It’s so simple, easy and clear. It looks very chic with a minimalist necklace. You can combine it with both heels or flats. If you want to wear it as casual wear, it’s best to choose flat shoes. For more elegant choose high heels.

Printed baby doll dress

black baby doll dress printed
If you are tired of monochromatic outfits and black color, I have prepared something for you. This black baby doll dress has little stars all over it. The sleeves have a bell cut, which is very trendy these days. Looking modern and casual is no problem with this dress!

Black baby doll dress with high thigh socks

black baby doll dress socks
The black dress is combined with a gray cardigan and black lace-up boots. The thigh high socks are super cool details that make this outfit unique and very modern. You can look young and very chic at the same time by trying this outfit.

Velvet baby doll dress

black velvet baby doll dress
If you follow the latest trends, you can see that velvet is for you this season. We’ve seen street style velvet on many dresses, pants and even coats.
This black baby doll dress is made of velvet, looks romantic and exquisite. The dress has bell sleeves and a sheer bodice.
Pair it with classy black block heel ankle boots.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas that I have collected for you. Be sure to check out all the other outfit ideas we have prepared for you.

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