Bison Men Tattoos

Are you still looking for new unique tattoos? Do you want something meaningful and eye-catching? Then you should read this article further, because today I would like to offer you another tattoo idea. How about a tattoo with a picture of bison? In my opinion, it’s a great and perfect idea for any man. I’m sure you know the bison is a symbol of North America and very often people mistake them for buffalo. First, let’s consider the importance of this type of tattoo. A bison tattoo is a symbol of power and strength. You can also find information that bison tattoos mean a freedom and a wisdom. Now you should scroll down to see all the ideas collected from big to small, colorful to totally black, abstract and schematic to very realistic tattoos. Find your inspiration!

Black bison tattoo ideas

If you want a neutral tattoo, you can take a small black or black outline bison tattoo and place it on your legs, wrists, forearms or shoulders. Of course, you can make it more personal by adding important words, names or phrases to this type of tattoo. If you want to show your love for nature (or show some views of a place where you were born), you can ask your tattoo artist to ink a bison-shaped tattoo with the image of trees (or a forest) and the upper of the mountains in them as shown below.

Colorful bison tattoo ideas

The most popular image of bison is an Indian bison tattoo. And with different colors, you can make this tattoo more beautiful and eye-catching. If you love fun tattoos, you can choose a cartoon bison and put it on your arms or a back. Often times, men will take pictures of an aggressive or angry bison so you can repeat a tattoo idea with heavy breathing or even jumping bison.

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