Bishop Sleeve Shirt Outfits

We’re always looking for unique and stylish outfit ideas to make you look beautiful and fabulous every day. This time around, we’d like to introduce you to an elegant and chic type of shirt – one with bishop sleeves. But first let me explain what the bishop’s sleeve is. It’s usually a long sleeve that is fuller at the bottom and gathered into a cuff. Now you can choose any type of shirt with these sleeves, from button-down to wrap, from crop to long, etc. For more official outfits you can buy monophonic blouses, but for casual or party looks try something original, for example floral striped printed.

Outfits with jeans, shorts and pants

If you have distressed jeans (if you don’t already have them, get them asap), the easy way to create a trendy outfit with a blouse with runner sleeves. So take super desperate high-waisted skinny jeans and pair them with a soft floral blouse, orange patent leather pumps (or printed ones) and large gold earrings. Do you want to make a fresh and feminine outfit? Then combine a pale pink loose blouse with runner sleeves with white skinny pants, classic beige pumps and a beige shoulder bag. For warmer summer days, I offer you to combine a pink shirt with denim shorts and flats.

Outfits with skirts

Such shirts are perfect for office-style outfits. So you can combine a pastel colored blouse with runner sleeves with a gray high-waisted knee-length skirt, black pumps and a black leather bag. Or take a dark blue chiffon blouse and combine it with a gray midi skirt and black high heels. To create a romantic and feminine outfit, repeat a combination of a floral blouse, a polka dot maxi skirt, a brown belt and beige pumps.

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