Bird Tattoos

Birds, especially those flying, usually symbolize freedom, feeling free from boundaries and various conventions. Different species of birds also have different meanings. So it’s up to you to decide what you want. Tiny and subtle or big and bold, black or watercolor, a single bird or a flock, your personal or a match for your partner, no matter which tattoo you take, you will feel free and comfortable, so let’s look at what to ink can and where you can do it.

Matching bird tattoos

Make matching love bird tattoos with your partner to show you love and passion. They are usually placed on arms or hands. You can also get a bff tattoo with your friends. Here the guys usually choose tattoos with flying birds on arms or wrists that continue the pattern. Looks great!

Hand and arm bird tattoos

Arms are the most popular placement for bird tattoos of any kind – black or colored, different types of birds and shapes. A single brave bird or a flock of flying along your arm is a cool idea to feel the freedom. I love the original idea that books fly and turn into birds, these are for bookworms!

Body bird tattoos

Some people prefer to place birds on the sides or on the belly. Here you can see bold origami and large-sized watercolor birds. If these are birds in a nest, it means family. Shoulders, neck, and back are among the most popular placements for a bird tattoo, and this is where you can see a flock of birds flying down your back, up to your neck, or down your shoulders. Collar bones are also a popular placement for the birdie tattoos, and again, flying birdies are above all tattoos.

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