Bike Shorts Outfits

Bike shorts are the hottest trend this spring and summer, and this is the most controversial trend – a lot of girls don’t like it because cycling shorts make your legs look bigger. Despite this, the most daring fashionistas and celebrities are already wearing them. If you want some ideas to inspire you, let’s see how you can try out bike shorts.

Bike shorts are a sportswear, so it goes without saying that they should be worn with some sporting items. Sweatshirts, hoodies, sneakers and trainers as well as T-shirts look completely natural with your bike shorts of any color. This is a very comfy outfit idea with a trend. Add a bag or backpack and off you go!

This season, cycling shorts are worn with various casual and even work-appropriate items – t-shirts, button-downs, blazers, denim jackets plus heels, better slingbacks, which is another cool trend. Rock your bike shorts with sock boots to visually lengthen your legs and be brave!

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