Best Nerdy Glasses

Best Nerdy Glasses

Nerdy and geeky looks are very popular right now and if you haven’t tried them out it is high time you did because they are hot and sexy! Eyeglasses are a number one accessory to create such a look and we have prepared a whole bunch of ideas that will make you both sexy and nerdy at the same time. Let’s take a look at them!

round glasses

Round glasses are number one among them all now and rocking them is a cool idea. They can be meaningful, in bold colors with an ombre or color block effect, or neutral colors with a thin metal frame in gold or some other metallic shade. Round glasses fit many face shapes so find the perfect item.

Square glasses

Square glasses are timeless classics. To make your look nerdy yet modern, go for large square glasses that are sure to suit many face shapes. There are bold ideas and ombre pieces out there, and you can try a trendy clear glasses frame.

Cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses are a retro option that can be rocked anytime for a retro nerdy look. To give them a more modern look, prefer large or even round glasses with a slight cat-eye angle. Enjoy!

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