Bell Sleeve Cardigans Outfits

From my point of view, you should have at least one cardigan for autumn and winter days. That is why today we would like to share outfit ideas with you with boho-chic cardigans like bell sleeves. You can combine them with various items of clothing, from used-look jeans to elegant trousers, from flirty skirts to office-style dresses, chic blouses and casual t-shirts. Don’t forget to add accessories to your outfits like hats, caps, oversized scarves, leather gloves, necklaces, etc. Now you can choose a color, a print and a length of your new item and create a charming look. Scroll down and get inspired!

Outfits with jeans

Jeans are perfect for casual and relaxed looks. First, you can choose a dark blue and red plaid button-down shirt and pair it with a gray cardigan with bell sleeves, jeans with cuffs, a black leather bag, red earrings, and brown leather boots with low heels. Second, you can pair a white t-shirt with an emerald oversized cardigan, purple plaid scarf, beige leather bag, dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs, and gray suede boots. And thirdly, you can try repeating a combination with a white top, a gold necklace, a mint green baggy cardigan with bell sleeves, and light blue distressed jeans.

Outfits with pants and skirts

Do you want to create an elegant outfit? Then you can choose a white top and pair it with a black hat, gray plaid high-waisted palazzo pants and a gray cardigan with bell sleeves. For an everyday look, you can take a white V-neck top and pair it with a red cardigan, brown leather bag, white cropped pants and leopard print flat shoes. Or you can take a black shirt and combine it with a black wrap-around mini skirt and a beige cardigan.

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