Beanie Types For Women

Beanie Types For Women

A hat is a must for the winter in some rooms where it is very cold. Do you want to choose a hat and don’t know what’s trending? No problem! I’ve prepared the coolest guys that are trending now and some examples of these pieces.

Caps with pompoms

A hat with pompoms is one of the cutest things ever! It is suitable for cold days and a faux fur pompom gives your hat a textural touch. It can be a shade similar to the hat, or a contrasting one. Chunky knit looks very cool with faux fur; You can also go for a cable stitch or opt for something a little more simple. You can also find hats with pom poms made of yarn, they look no less cute than faux fur.

Slouchy beanies

Slouchy beanies have been and still are on trend for many years. You can find many colors and patterns to rock, and they go with many outfits, from the most girly to the sportiest. You can also find some oversized hats that are trending now, everything oversized is trending for winter. Such elements make a bold statement.

Classic hats

There is nothing more timeless than a classic slim hat, it goes perfectly with almost every look! But the best thing is that a classic hat looks great with modern and minimalist outfits. You can choose a contrasting or matching hat for your coat or parka and try a contrasting scarf.

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