Bandanna Metal Necklace

What if you add a metal chain to the usual headscarf? You get a new super cool accessory! To make it, you need a headscarf, needle, thread, chunky silver chain, jewelry pliers and scissors. First, you should fold the headscarf in half from corner to corner. Then use the jewelry pliers to remove the clasps and extension chains from the necklace. The ends should be stripped down to the bare minimum, a simple chain strand works best. Now place the necklace along the edge of the folded headscarf. Remember that the trailer should be right over the corners. Next, sew the chain in place and poke through both layers of the headscarf. The flow of stitches depends on the details of your necklace. At the end, tie off the thread and cut off the excess thread. Your very creative bandanna metal chain is ready!

source:: Wild amor

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