Baby Tattoo Ideas

If you are a mother or a father you already know what real happiness is! And you know that everything changes when you have a baby. Or are you just preparing to be a parent? Then you will surely like these ideas. Today is the time for such touching baby tattoos for cool mothers and fathers. First of all, you need to choose a place for your new tattoo. Then choose the main idea for the tattoo: You have a wide choice between words or quote tattoos and those with pictures of mother and child, footprints of your newborn or cute animals. Now let’s look at the following ideas and find some inspiration.

Baby tattoo ideas for mothers

I think the cutest and gentlest tattoos are tattoos for mothers. The most popular (even for men) tattoo idea is a baby footprint idea. You can choose just black ones or you can add some colors to these tattoos and inking your baby name and a date of birth. Put it on your feet or a back. Another common tattoo is a black contoured image of the mother and child. There are so many ideas out there and some of them you can see if you scroll down. Do you think animal tattoos look stunning? Then choose elephant and baby elephant or two amazing giraffe tattoo.

Baby tattoo ideas for dads

The most common place that dad’s tattoo tattoos are on shoulders or arms, a chest or a back. For example, you can include a picture of a clock with your baby’s time and date of birth (you can add pictures of flowers if you have a daughter) or a wonderful black ink tattoo of a father and child. You can place a handprint tattoo of a full baby’s name on the chest near your heart. More ideas below!

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