Auburn Hair Ideas

Fall is here and if you’re thinking of some changes, freshening up your hair color and the like, I have a brilliant idea for you – go auburn! Auburn is a very autumnal color that is sure to make a statement and goes well with many skin tones.

Auburn hair

Auburn hair is a great idea for any time of year, you are sure to be noticed with hair color like this. You can go for a trendy long bob, waves, cascading haircuts, or other options to bring out the color. Loose waves are a trendy and romantic idea and a great way to look wow with hair color like this.

Auburn balayage and ombre

Auburn is great for balayage and ombre, or it can be used as a basic hair color and highlighted using these techniques for a brighter and bolder look. Accentuate it with copper, red, blonde, plum, or choose a dark root to add some drama and contrast to your hair – this way it will look more dimensional. Create bright ombre looks from black to auburn to copper with multiple hues for a lighter look.

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