Applique Jeans Outfits

Embellished, embroidered and applied jeans are among the most controversial trends of this year and can already be found among many fashionistas. This is a quirky trend for brave people who are tired of everything basic – colors, designs, and looks – and want something very special.

As for jeans themselves, prefer trendy silhouettes to avoid outdated looks: mom jeans, boyfriends, straight jeans, and ripped jeans are perfect choices for looking fresh. Then take a look at the embellishments and choose what you love.

Stylish denim isn’t difficult – if you want to create a more casual look all you need is those jeans and a neutral top – an oversized sweater, a white t-shirt or shirt, something pastel colored, or whatever you fancy. For a bold look, pair these jeans with heels and a catchy top – one with a shoulder, one with a plunging neckline, or just plain bold colors.

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