Ankle Strap Heels Spring Outfits

Ankle strap heels are the most girly and sexiest because they visually elongate your legs. While dainty ankles and long legs are perfect for ankle strap shoes, you can still find shoes that fit you well. Keep scrolling to learn some tricks.

dresses and skirts

When wearing dresses, you can go for pointy toes with heels to extend your leg line by offsetting the cutting of the horizontal line of the ankle strap. Narrow straps can cut into the skin when stepping. So it’s better to opt for wider straps that are more comfortable. Wide ankle straps generally flatter larger ankles, and their sophisticated silhouette enhances the feminine vibe of the wearer.

When wearing maxi or midi skirts, you will need a certain size to avoid the outfit from flooding your frame. Ankle strap shoes sometimes cut the leg line, making them look short and stocky. So choose heels rather than flats.

Jeans and pants

You can tie or roll your pants to show off your ankle strap shoes in style. Opt for different types of shoes that will suit you well. Ankle straps with a criss-cross effect flatter larger ankles as the shape created in your feet breaks up the horizontal line of the straps and wraps around it like a lower vampire shoe. Or if you want to spruce up your denim overalls, put on a pair of metallic ankle strap shoes and tie your hem.

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