ankle boots

What are ankle boots?

Definition: Ankle boots (English ankle = ankle, English boot = boot) combine the characteristics of two types of shoes, namely pumps and boots. The ankle-high shoes almost always have a heel, which can be a stiletto heel, a wedge heel, or even a platform heel. But there are also flat models. Mostly the terms ankle boots and booties as a synonym for Boots second hand. Therefore, the Frauenschuh encyclopedia does not distinguish between these three terms, all of which serve to denote one of the most common types of shoes manufactured on a large scale since 1939.

Is there no difference between ankle boots and ankle boots?

Sometimes ankle boots are distinguished from ankle boots because, unlike ankle boots, the former only reach to or just above the ankle. This distinction is not usually made in the individual online shops. Both terms are often used here side by side, with the wave height criterion being neglected.

The guide to booties

Why can you combine ankle boots?

This type of shoe can be worn all year round and for almost any occasion: ankle boots are not only suitable as party shoes or for a walk around town: smarter models with medium heels are perfect for the office.

But that’s not the only reason why ankle boots sell so well: ankle boots are a real combination talent! You can close ankle boots perfectly Jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, jodhpurs or leggings combine. Ideally, the length of the pants should only be 3/4 or 7/8 for the shoes to look their best. Ankle boots are also perfect for skirts as long as they are not too long. Ankle boots look particularly sexy with short skirts. When platform ankle boots are combined with flared trousers, a distinctive, provocative look is created.

As a decorative piece, your fanciest ankle boots will look great in a shoe organizer.

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