amber jewelry

amber jewelry

Solid, fossilized resin has become hard rock and is popular as a jewel in silver necklaces and bracelets. Although not a mineral, amber has long fascinated amber as jewelry and in myths.

Classification of the amber jewelry category

    • 1 description
    • 2 Amber in jewelry
    • 3 healing effect
    • 4th Care of amber jewelry
    • 5 Styling with amber jewelry (colors)
    • 6th Amber massage
    • 7th Color, use and importance of minerals

      • 7.1 Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst & Andalusite
      • 7.2 Anhydrite, Apatite, Aquamarine & Aragonite
      • 7.3 Aventurine Quartz, Amber, Calcite & Chalcedony
      • 7.4 Chrysocolla, Citrine, Dolomite & Hawk’s Eye
      • 7.5 Fluorite, Jet, Galaxite & Gold River
      • 7.6 Garnet, Heliotrope, Hemimorphite & Hematite
      • 7.7 Jade, Carnelian, Coral & Labradorite
      • 7.8 Lapis Lazuli, Magnesite, Moonstone & Obsidian
      • 7.9 Onyx, Opal, Pectolite & Smoky Quartz
      • 7.10 Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Tiger Iron & Topaz
      • 7.11 Tourmaline & Turquoise

Amber itself is already legendary and surrounded by many myths. For example, the world famous Lost Amber Room can be mentioned here.

Properties of amber

Amber is made from fossil resin and can be as old as 260 million years. Over many years, this hard substance, which is not actually a mineral or rock, evolved from the viscous resin of ancient trees, but is still considered a gem.

This can be completely clear to opaque and is usually yellowish in colour. In particular, this includes the color honey yellow or yellow and white, although there is also amber in orange, red, green and even brown or black. Likewise, a gemstone is usually defined by several colors that run into each other and are usually modeled irregularly in relation to its external shape.

Popular jewelry

Amber jewelry has always been popular, especially among women, and is often incorporated into necklaces or bracelets in the form of one or more precious stones.

Amber stones of various sizes are often used to create necklaces or bracelets, the links of which are made from these gemstones. In addition, they are also available as a single pendant for necklaces, which is usually kept in one version.

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