Almond Shape Nail Art Ideas

The almond nail is a beautiful shape that is trending right now, and for good reason! There are so many different almond nail design options and they all look great. Of course, in order to get the best results that you are satisfied with, you need to choose something that suits your personality and style. Let’s look at some examples.

Simple nail art and accent nails

Almond nails look great with different types of art, for example classic French, but rock them in some cool colors like blush and black. Try different colors and add accents: geometric patterns, glitter accent nails, and even rhinestones that sparkle. Naked almond nails look very chic and neutral, they are suitable for work, and if you want to add an accent to the manicure, you can try the tip design.

Flashy nail art

If you’re preparing for a special occasion and need a col mani, find a suitable nail art for your shape. These can be elegant blush, black, and glitter geo-designed nails, matte black nails with matte marble accents, pink nails with chevron accents, and rhinestones. Glitter and rhinestones are always perfect for adding an accent, rocking them together, or just some of them. Check out the pictures for inspiration!

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