60 Degrees Work Outfits

We’ve already shared some ideas about what to wear at 60 degrees as autumn approaches, but what to wear to work. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a whole bunch of cool ideas to get inspired and wear this fall. Ready? Let’s start!


If the dress code allows it, you can wear skinnies to work. Add a shirt, top or blouse, a blazer if it’s cold, and some heels or flats. As for the colors, it’s entirely up to you, but if you’re hesitant go for the classics – you can’t go wrong with black, navy or white. If you want to add fall flavor to your look, try yellow, olive green, gray, emerald, mustard, and even red.


Rocking cropped pants with bold colors or prints are a hot idea that is often tried these days. Window pane, dalmatian, plaid, polka dots – anything you like is welcome, or navy, red, gray, emerald, mustard for an autumn feel in your outfit. Add a long sleeve top or shirt and heels, ankle boots or flats that fit. You can make a statement with a colorful bag or shoes and go all navy or black. Get inspired!

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