5 Minute Diy Half Hairstyle

Are you having a tough and busy day? The last thing to worry about is what your hair looks like. Even if 5 minutes in the morning is the best time to do something with your locks, it’s enough to create something pretty. We’re sharing a lot of interesting DIY ideas that you can get done in such a short amount of time, and today we’re hugely excited to share another hair trick that works for pretty much every hair type and length. The best part is that you can do it without a fuss and the result is just chic and stylish. Basically, all you need is a stylish clip to pull your hair up (the funny thing is that it can even be a cuff bracelet of yours). Better to start with hair on the second day as this is easy to manage. Pull back your crown to add a little more volume and hide the parting. In short, then you have to pick up rather small sections from the front, carefully twist them towards your head and pin them. Once you get this half updo, secure it with a cuff bracelet or other accessory, tuck the ends in and voila. If you need detailed step-by-step instructions, please visit sayyes.com.

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